Hammersley China: Collector Items


We pride ourselves in having a large and growing collection of Hammersley china for your enjoyment. In addition to the many items displayed on this page, you will find pages displaying featured Hammersley patterns and shapes by clickingon the link to the Hammersley China Dinnerware Patterns page.

Discounts are available when ordering more than 5 or more items in place setting items. If you have questions or wish to order any items on this page you need only click on the appropriate button at the bottomof the page.


Hammersley: Demi-tasse setsDemi-tasse cup and saucer sets
HM266F-02  Large red and blue peonys and yellow border decorate this demi-tasse cup and saucer. Gold trim on rims and handle. Marked Hammersley/266F on the underside.  $28 
HM5049-02 Multi-coloured sprays of sweet-peas on this demi-tasse cup and saucer. gold trim on rims and handleMarked Hammersley/5049 on the underside. $28
Hammersley: Blue panels
This pattern displays floral sprays framed by scrollwork and blue panels. There is gold trim on the rims and handle.
HMBP-02  demi-tasse cup and saucer $30 

(Picture not yet available)
HMVA-31  Coffee pot  $145 






A stunning breakfast set in pink and white finish. It includes a cup and saucer, a creamer, an open sugar, a 2-cup teapot and an 8-inch plate. This set is in wonderful condition. There are no cracks, wear to pattern nor repairs. There is the slightest bit of a flea bite on the spout. Marked Hammersley on the underside.


 Hammersley: Breakfast


Hammersley Minis

I believe that the following miniatures are also from the Birds of Paradise collection.

HMMI-01 Grandfather clock (one remaining) $40
HMMI-02 Carriage Sold
HMMI-03 Shaving cup $35



Hammersley: Blue RosesHMBR-06

Large blue roses are displayed on this 6-inch plate that is slighted scalloped on the rim. The rim is edged in gold. The floral pattern matches a cup produced by Old Royal Bone China on the Other China page. There are four of these plates available.




 Flowers and panels

 HMTSC 05.

This cup and saucer set displays floral sprays framed by crimson and gold panels.






Hammersley: Gold Chrysanthemums

Hammersley offered an extensive line of serving pieces, in a variety of shapes, that featured lots of gold edging and gold chrysanthemums as well as embossing near the rim.  
HM 220. Bonbon dish measuring 6 inches by 4.25 inches. On the underside it carries the regular Hammersley mark and the number 1025 in gold.  $30
HM 237. A footed spoon tray measuring 8 1/2 by 1 3/4 inches. /4 inches  $35
HM 246. A regular spoon tray that isn't footed.  $25
HM 230. Cup and saucer  $35
HM 239. A lovely oyster shell shaped bonbon dish measuring 5 by 4 1/4 inches $30